Top Blockchain App Development Companies in UAE

Smith Johnes
5 min readSep 20, 2022
Top Blockchain App Development Companies in UAE

Blockchain has proved to be a significant invention of the 21st Century with its outstanding characteristics of provenance, consensus, and immutability. It is a shared digital ledger that lets everyone view and update the blockchain simultaneously. Along with that, it also eliminates the need for paperwork and third parties resulting in fewer disputes in the ecosystem.

Dubai is at the forefront of significant advancements in technology as it expects more than 1,000 cryptocurrency businesses to be operational by 2022. With more and more companies entering into the race of blockchain application development, you might need to look at the top blockchain development companies in Dubai to develop and deliver the blockchain application based on your specific requirements and time frame.

Therefore, here is a researched compilation of 7 most popular blockchain development companies in Dubai.


It is one of the top blockchain development companies that offer decentralized solutions to the world’s best in class startups and enterprises. Their team has blockchain developers and skilled designers on the tech front for developing a decentralized ecosystem. Appinventiv has more than 800+ technology experts and more than seven years of accumulative experience in delivering blockchain projects.

The company provides blockchain app consultation, MVP development, smart contracts development, DApp solutions, IEO & ICO services, crypto exchange development, hyperledger-based solutions, and crypto token development. The developers have excelled skills by working with multiple platforms and providing many options and solutions while planning to step into this world.

Ajath Infotech

It is another renowned blockchain development company in Dubai with more than ten years of experience in the industry. The company has over 3000 contended clients as they provide custom mobile app development and services. Ajath Infotech believes in delivering more attainable outcomes and solutions in various industries.

The company has a team of professionals that provide top-notch blockchain app development services to their customers. Their services also include a cryptocurrency exchange, wallet, Ethereum app development, smart contract auditing, etc. Ajath Infotech aims at fulfilling the client’s goals by providing utmost satisfaction with their valuable goods and services.

Interexy LLC

Interexy LLC is a known blockchain development company with its roots established in the blockchain space in 2017. The company approaches its clients to provide comprehensive services such as blockchain-based healthcare products, blockchain app development, decentralized apps (DApps), NFT Marketplaces, crypto exchanges, crypto games, smart contracts, and development for ICO.

Interexy aims to help businesses in adapting new market conditions and expand opportunities within blockchain application development services. It has provided solutions in healthcare, real estate, fintech, education, social networks, and ride-sharing services. The company ensures quality and provides stability to the clients with structured and professional communication.


It is a trusted technology consulting company that delivers Blockchain solutions to drive business outcomes for startups and enterprises. The team is skilled in blockchain app development services as they help startups validate ideas, build an MVP, iterate towards reaching product-market fit, and scale fast.

Unicsoft being one of the reliable blockchain development companies provides its clients with blockchain-powered distributed systems for their businesses. The company offers a choice of either developing a new blockchain project from scratch or adjusting existing solutions with the help of a reliable partner. It focuses on providing an excellent customer experience via clear and timely communication.


It is a blockchain development company that is on a mission to provide secure, decentralized, and immutable blockchain solutions to businesses. Solulab helps build transparent, efficient, and automated versions with their broad spectrum of blockchain development services. It provides a 360° holistic approach, client association, and agile project execution.

The company provides blockchain technology consulting, protocol development, enterprise blockchain development, DApps development, NFT Marketplace development, auditing services, and wallet development.


It is a trusted blockchain app development company with over ten years of experience helping startups take their step in the right direction. Quytech utilizes the latest technology infrastructure to shape blockchain app development ideas into reality. Their highly skilled team has developed applications with interactive UI/UX, impeccable design, and flawless functionalities.

The developers at Quytech help to deliver custom blockchain solutions as they possess vast hands-on experience in blockchain technology, including frameworks such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, EOS, and Stellar. Over the years, the company has developed, deployed, and managed blockchain supply chain solutions for various industries and stakeholders.

Innowise Group

The company has a profound knowledge of blockchain and reinforces businesses with world-class blockchain solutions. It helps companies automate, secure, and accelerate operations with the help of blockchain. Innowise group assists businesses at each step of upgrading their processes with the most innovative technologies.

It provides skilled professionals that can develop smart contracts, decentralized applications (DApps), blockchain ecosystems, decentralized file transfer platforms, cryptocurrency wallets, and blockchain-based security solutions. Innowise brings together world-class software engineers, product and project managers, designers, and business consultants tailored to match project objectives perfectly.

Which company should you choose for blockchain app development?

The above list summarizes popular blockchain app development companies in Dubai that have a large user base and strong testimonials. Each company requires a team of experts that possess a deep understanding and technical expertise to accelerate the growth of the place.

Appinventiv is among the fast-growing blockchain development companies with a team of experienced and skilled professionals to deliver the most advanced technology solutions. It has a solid customer base and has received the trust of brands like Oracle, NASA, KPMG, IKEA, Vodafone, Dominos, ABP Live, Asian Bank, and Pizza Hut.

You can reach out to the experts to discuss your requirements for blockchain app development.

Wrapping Up

Blockchain technology is already established in the majority of business sectors. Be it healthcare, real estate, education, or supply chain, the need for blockchain development is racing at a swift pace.

We hope that this list of 7 blockchain companies was insightful for you to make a proper decision. Make sure to go with an experienced Blockchain development company and ensure that your requirements are fulfilled by the best in class among them.